bumpaMAX is a Data Bundle option with 30-day rolling validity period. Simply top up your account with any uMAX recharge voucher, then select the data bundle of your choice on the uMAX self-care portal and start browsing!

Each bundle is valid for 30-days from activation. Data bundles are available in denominations of $10, $20, $50 and $100 with data charged at $0.005/MB. The $100 bundle gives you even more value! There are no contractual obligations with flexibility to change spend with every Data Bundle. Now that’s what we call Bumpa Value!

Still got a few questions?

What if your data bundle runs out? Simply purchase another data bundle to start a new 30-day validity period. Remember to check your account balance in case you need to top up first.
What if your validity period runs out and you still have a data balance? Simply purchase another data bundle within a week which will be credited to your remaining balance. Remember if you wait over a week you will lose any remaining bundle.

What if you buy a new data bundle within the original 30-day validity period and still have a data balance? A new 30-day validity period commences with a new cumulative balance of your new bundle and the remaining data balance.

New bumpaMAX customers are required to pay for the uMAX access modem and installation upfront. The type of uMAX access modem is dependent on your location and is subject to a site survey. Indoor access modems cost $175 and Outdoor access modems $375.

Make the Switch today! It’s as simple as 1-2-3!