I know that you might have a question or two when it comes to our uMAX service so I’ve already put together answers to the most common questions.

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The Practical Bit

If I want uMAX high-speed Internet what do I need?

The requirements are super simple. You need a PC or laptop with an Ethernet card – this allows you to pick up WiFi signal. You will also need to be located within the uMAX coverage area. My team of installers will provide any other equipment required to make setting it up even easier!  You can also connect pads, tablets, smartphones, Internet TVs and games consoles – as long as they are WiFi enabled, you are good to go.

What are the benefits of connecting through uMAX?

You get to hang out with me! And I guess you also get:

  • High speed access to the Internet at 1Mbps
  • Value for money Internet access, for as little as $3.75 per GB.
  • A fantastic MAX Rewards loyalty programme
  • Always on access
  • Ability to send and receive large files at phenomenally fast speeds
  • Quick and efficient delivery of email
  • We will get in touch with you within 24 hours to let you know your outdoor units will be installed, if required

How affordable is it?

Never before has fast, wireless Internet access been such great value for money. You can have the benefit of broadband Internet access for as little as $3.75 per GB.

How quick is installation?

Installation is very quick. You can set up an indoor modem in less than 20 minutes. The installation of an outdoor modem is usually done within three working days of receiving an order.

Can I retain my email addresses and domain name?

In many instances you can keep your existing email address and domain name and we can provide additional addresses if required. However, this may require that you continue to pay your current e-mail address provider for that service. If you are using your own domain name for e-mail it is a simple process to migrate your domain and mail hosting to uMAX. For further information on this service please do not hesitate to contact one of my super friendly support team on (04) 76 000 400 or email us.

How can I avoid offensive material on the Internet?

Content filtering software blocks access to Internet sites with harmful material. The effectiveness depends on the sophistication of the software package and on how often the blocking lists are updated.

The Techie Bit

How does wireless broadband Internet from uMAX work?

The uMAX network has a number of strategically placed base stations (each base station is actually about 7-10 giraffes tall!). That allows customers to connect to the network using either an indoor or outdoor wireless modem or access device, each with their own particular benefits. Each base station links back via fibre optic cable to my uMAX Data Centre which then magically connects to the wonderful world of the wild wild web!

What difference does speed actually make to an Internet connection?

In the wild, only the fastest survive so of course speed makes all the difference! Anybody who has used a slow Internet connection will appreciate why speed is so critical. Broadband allows users to send and receive files with large data content such as graphics, screenshots or video clips at very high speed. It affords users an engaging experience when working with interactive content such as video and voice calling and web browsing. Broadband makes it possible for you to spend your online time getting things done rather than waiting for things to happen. I don’t want to boast, but did you know giraffes can get up to speeds of 60km/hour on the ground and my Internet connection can get up to speeds of 1Mbps - making me pretty much fast!

Is the uMAX Broadband product the same as ADSL?

There are some similarities, for example both services are asymmetric affording you a higher download speed than upload speed. However the main difference is that uMAX is delivered wirelessly – via an indoor or outdoor antenna as opposed to over telephone lines, hence there will be no seasonal outages when the ground is wet and copper cabling short circuits.  Additionally, our network is configured differently so you are more likely to receive our super-fast Internet speeds as compared to other providers.

What operating systems are supported?

All operating systems are supported. The only requirement is that the system supports an Ethernet card.

How is mail handled? Will SMTP and POP3 delivery be available?

Yes, normal ISP email services are available, including web mail and a 300MB mail box!

Will I be able to use the service with a home network?

Yes, the uMAX modem incorporates all necessary router functionality and is fully network ready. In fact, my indoor modem also includes a WiFi access point giving you an instant wireless network without any additional purchase.

Will I need additional security?

As broadband is often used as an always on connection, I recommend that you take steps to secure your network connection. Our user manual shows you how or just give one of my support team a buzz and they will be happy to guide you. The uMAX modems include a basic firewall but this should not replace the use of firewall and anti-virus software on every connected PC and laptop.  My motto is better safer than sorrier!

What is an IP address and are your IP addresses dynamic or static?

An IP address is a unique code for your individual computer or router, which allows you to communicate on the Internet. It operates on a similar basis to a telephone number. With all uMAX services your router will receive a public IP address. For a small additional fee I can make that address static.

Does uMAX provide web hosting?

Many businesses have a web hosting requirement and I can provide offerings for php/linux hosting as well as asp/IIS hosting. For more details call our customer support on (04) 76 000 400.

Why should I have a firewall?

A firewall will secure your information against hackers and some viruses. Any business that allows its employees to access the Internet should install a firewall to prevent access by outsiders to company data and to prevent inappropriate employee access to the Internet.

Connect to MAX

How are customers connected?

Connectivity is possible within a particular proximity of the uMAX base stations. Currently, most parts of greater Harare are serviced by my network, with plans afoot to increase it further. For some users, access can be achieved through an indoor modem which incorporates a WiFi access point. For other users, it will be necessary to use an outdoor antenna which can be connected to an independent WiFi access point or network switch. The net result is the same (haha – get it, Net result!) – super fast, super reliable Internet access for all!

What other services does uMAX provide?

uMAX provides a whole herd of ISP services including email addresses, domain names, hosted mail services, optional fixed IP addresses, web hosting and 24/7 customer support.

How do I order the services?

By contacting us through one of these bush telegraphs.