Make The Switch

Need help switching? With uMAX, it’s a doddle!

Find out what uMAX access device you need

Stop by one of our MAX mini-stores or authorised resellers to see whether you need an indoor or outdoor modem to pick up our superfast broadband Internet signal.

You will be given your indoor modem once you make your first monthly payment. 
If you require an outdoor modem, our installation team will come and install the equipment as soon as receipt of your payment has been confirmed.
If you need an indoor modem, you may purchase one at any of our MAX mini-stores or authorised resellers. Think you may need an outdoor modem – contact us and we will send one of our friendly installers to do a site survey. Only uMAX access devices can be used on the uMAX network – we cannot use any hardware from any other ISP.

Get connected

Then it’s time to install your uMAX modem and register on our online uMAX Self Care Portal – easy and usually done within 15minutes! If you get stuck, just give our customer services a call on (04) 76 000 400 – anytime of the day, we’ll answer and walk you through it!

Cancel your old services

You’ll need to check what the cancellation terms are with your old ISP and give them notice. You have the option of getting a new email address with uMAX or keeping your current email address, but again you’ll need to check with your old ISP if you must continue to pay to keep that address.