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It has been rather chilly in Harare this week hasn't it! I recommend keeping warm by staying indoors and surfing the wild wild web at my red-hot 1 Mbps speeds! You know what they say...a journey of 1,000 sites begins with one click!

Did you know that it’s really simple to manage your account on the uMAX Self Care Portal?

Below are the list of functions and services available to you 24/7:

  1. Recharge Account – if you are a CABS customer, you may purchase data bundles using CABS Online banking or via the pilot Zimswitch vPayments method.
  2. History – review your Internet usage, invoices and data bundle purchases
  3. Request Help – Team uMAX is always waiting and ready to help, so if you need any assistance, you can send us a note through the portal and we will respond within 24 hours.
  4. Manage Your Speed – this is a unique uMAX feature that helps you manage your bandwidth. If our speed is just too hot to handle, click on Brake, ease off the bandwidth and slow down! If you want to get racing again, click on Accelerator and zoom along at 1 Mbps! This is the speed that is automatically set each time you start a new uMAX connection.
  5. Services – check in here to see what value-added services are available. You can also sign up for your free userID@umaxlife.co.zw email address.

Don’t forget to also check out the myuMAX.co.zw page for the latest YouTube videos, useful downloads and much more! If you would like more details on the uMAX Self Care Portal, or if you need anything else – anything at all, I’m always available to chat! There are lots of ways of reaching me through the bush telegraph, any time of the day:

Keep warm, and remember – if you love the Internet, you’ll love uMAX!