On the wild wild web, speed matters!


The faster your Internet connection, the more you can do! With our superfast uMAX connection there is no more waiting for websites to load, Skype calls to distort or videos to buffer, which means more time to enjoy your browsing.

So how fast can uMAX go?

On the open plains, giraffes can get up to a whopping 60km/hour and our Internet is even faster at 1Mbps. This means you could do the following:

View a hi-res photo attachment
on an e-mail
5MB - 20 seconds

Download a complete
music album
60MB - 8 minutes

Watch a
full-length movie
500MB - 1 hour

uMAX provides you with an ultra-reliable Internet connection and great customer service – do you know that no two giraffes have the same markings on their coat? This is the same way we treat our MAXmates – with MAXimum personal attention!  Our support is 24/7 on the phone – imagine you can talk to a real human at any time of the day!

uMAX puts you in control of your bandwidth and bills with our Brake and Accelerator feature – it’s hard to believe, but some people like to slow down their download speed occasionally. You can opt to change to a slower speed from the uMAX Self-Care Portal. When you are ready to hit the racetrack again just press the accelerator button and you'll be zooming along at a whopping 1Mbps.

Lastly, but not least of all, everyone on flexiMAX gets FREE and instant membership to our unique MAX Rewards loyalty programme. We are the only Broadband Internet provider in Zimbabwe to give you extra data rewards.  So stay with us and the more you spend the more FREE data you get!  Every 3 months we add up what you’ve spent with uMAX and then apply a percentage cash back in FREE data quota.

Please note that rewards are calculated on a quarterly basis for the preceding three months data expenditure only, not on cumulative expenditure. This is only valid for flexiMAX users. Free bonus data does not qualify for MAX Rewards.

So what you waiting for – switch to uMAX today!