Fan Mail

Below are some of the comments coming through from our MAXmates:

"I just want to applaud Dandemutande's Support Centre for a splendid job they are doing. I believe these people are one of the most responsive service providers in Zimbabwe, yes. Having have dealt with soo many internet service providers, these guys have shown a great deal of responsiveness, feedback and politeness. Our organisation had a uMax unit last year and whenever the service was down, just one phone call would solve the trick and if they say they will get back to you, they always did, on time! Special mention to Mr Omar (who was our account manager) and Alistair.You guys have been amazing, keep up the good work."

-- Mzwazwa

"I am very impressed by the Umax product (though the data is still pricey by international standards). Technically the service seems pretty stable and reliable, given the technology, and the speeds are acceptable, too. And I like the flexible payment schemes. And best of all, your customer service is exemplary- savvy, switched on, helpful and friendly staff, whenever I've called the helpline. Thanks to all you."

-- Rob

"Thank you uMAX for a prompt response. I am enjoying the service delivery of your connection.

-- Hon N. Chamisa

"It is so refreshing to have actual customer service rather than the "like it or lump it" attitude of most of the businesses here in Zim"you all."

-- Jon

"I would like to take this opportunity to commend uMAX on the brilliant service they have given me so far. Your continual sms service concerning down time is very much appreciated. Your operators are very pleasant, helpful and courteous and on most occasions have phoned back when they say they will. This has been in stark contrast to the dismal service I received from my last provider. Many thanks."

-- Pam

"Fantastic! Switching to uMAX is by far the smartest decision I have made in a long while. I am loving it."

-- Omen

"At work we got the inside unit which is the bomb."

-- Janice

"Umax is an absolute breath of fresh air, once you've run circles with some of the so-called ''Elite'' service providers in Zimbabwe! Its definately worth the move for home and work!"

-- Diana

"You have the best Customer care I'm so impressed your services are excellent KEEP ON KEEPING ON"

-- Lincoln N

"Thank you so much. Your service is excellent and so are the promotions. i have never enjoyed fast internet as i am now with uMax. Thank you"

-- Lucky

"Thank you for your prompt and efficient service from the day I enquired about purchasing the unit. The service has been excellent. Please keep it up!"

-- Shaun

"Thank you Susie Q.  I love the efficiency of the uMax Team!!!"

-- Susan

"Your network is very stable. I can see by the best service I am experiencing with the uMAX outdoor unit I have at my place. I am really appreciating the quality service I am getting, it really is worth the money I am paying. It is just perfect service, please keep it up."

-- Mr Chitsa

"On several occasions I have had to call your support to ask about bundles or set up email or other questions I had, and at all times I have found the staff to be friendly, efficient, patient (very important), and helpful. No matter the time of the night!"

-- Gea

"I LOVE uMax"

-- Shirley

"Many Thanks! Very impressed with the service – and the connection/speed has been great 99% of the time Have recommended you to quite a few people – so hope your business is growing – which I am sure it is!"

-- Gary

"Last week my son and I saw your sales person at CABS to enquire about uMAX. We were very impressed with her knowledge, helpfulness and charm. My son is an IT specialist in New Zealand and she was able to answer all his questions. He commented that you could not get a better presentation in a first world country. We bought a uMAX on the spot and have been very pleased with it."

-- Dawn

"Just want to say thanks to all concerned, installation team and customer support team, for helping our move to uMAX go so smoothly. There were broad smiles on everyones faces this evening when they arrived home to find a functioning internet - whether it was surfing the web, gaming online, emailing or sending urgent work reports everything has worked at a speed we haven't experienced for months! My stress levels have gone down several notches. Many many thanks."

-- Jayne

"I just wanted to give some feedback on your setup since I moved to an outdoor unit. 1. System is now very reliable, I can perhaps think of twice in the last 3 weeks when I have disconnected and those times I reconnected within a minute. 2. Connection even during a serious thunderstorm (like now) is unchanged which for myself is very encouraging. I am just a minnow I know - so my views don’t really count but this system has helped me enormously, I feel about 30% more productive!"

-- Andrew

"I would just like to say how pleased I’ve been with the service I’ve received from uMAX. Your team have been absolutely superb every step of the way! I lived in the UK for nearly 10 years & since I’ve been back (I’ve been back for nearly 5 years now) I can quite honestly say that the service I’ve received from uMAX has been the best I’ve had since my return. Well done uMAX, I will certainly & already have been recommending you"

-- Michael